Who are We?

We are a team laser-focused on the cutting edge of Audio, Video, and Lighting products.  We love what we do and that translates into a better experience for our clients.  We are technology-driven equipment consultants that strive to provide exceptional service while demonstrating the ability to work within our client’s budget.  The positive reference from our client base is at the forefront of every consultation and drives our mindset as we endeavor to demonstrate our creative abilities.  Our intent is to help you, our client, find solutions to call “your own” while achieving a maximum return on your investment. 

Who is he?

He is Gabriel Aviles and owns Sunshine AVL, LLC.  Raised in Florida, Gabriel drew inspiration from the “Sunshine State” to name the company.  Gabriel wanted the brand to signify a sun that was not setting in order to let clients know that we are open for business on their schedule.  Gabriel is of Hispanic descent and is bilingual which helps a diverse set of clients.  He served the United States Armed Forces for 14 years which only brought him to a higher level of excellence and attention to detail.  Gabriel has been sought after for years by venues, professional integrators, event planners, and concert promoters.

Gabriel’s favorite quote:

Excellence is doing and ordinary thing… in an extraordinary manner. – Booker T. Washington