Who are they?

They are your clients and they are the lifeline of your business.  If you are an integrator, they are the ones whose senses are touched by the equipment you install.  If you are a venue owner, they are the ones who will enjoy the space you helped create.  Through a technique called “Third box thinking”, we address AVL solutions that directly affect our client’s client.  In other words, if there is an AVL solution that will increase business for you, we are all in and ready to assist.  Let Us help You reach Them.

Who else are they?

They are the companies and brands we carry.  They are the products we proudly supply to our integrators and venue owners.  They are the innovators who research and develop products that address so many technical challenges this industry brings.  You don’t see a brand you want us to carry?  Drop us a message by clicking here.

Look below at this month’s featured brands and click here to see the rest of them.  New brands are constantly added as we strive to offer greater solutions.